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Welcome to the latest reincarnation of the LifeForce WHQ BBS, also known as 2:370/15 on FidoNet!

This is the English language starting page, which may or mat not be in loose sync with the other languages, most importantly Hungarian.

What is this?

This is a random collection of texts (ranging from serious tutorials to incomprehensible mumblings), files, and references to various available services, most of them about communication.

The original BBS cocept was based on two activity:

  • sharing stuff, and
  • conversation between people.


The BBS started operations somewhere in Hungary around 1986 using an 1200 bps (and baud as well) modem without any error correction. Originally it have briefly used Remote Access, then for a long-long time SuperBBS, ran on DOS. For a more detailed recollection of its history see History of LifeForce.


After the latest extinction event I have forgotten where the backups were put so I am searching; nevertheless, if or until it happens the new content shall be collecting on Text content page.